Bosc Pear on Bagel with Cream Cheese

Cottage Cheeser Pleaser
Golden Delicious Salad with Chicken & Fixins'
Hummus Wrap it Up
Mixed Fruit and JO Gurt Smoothie
Pears, Nuts & Feta Fettucini
Pears with OJ & Brown Sugar
Pineapple Holler
Baked Apple Rings with Caramel
Banana Deliciosa
Banana Latte
Broiled Apples
"Completo" Hot Dog
Fruit Kabobbies
Peanut Butter Fruitie Tortilla
Glazed Pear Slices With Sorbet
Grilled Asparagus on Ya' Steak
Home Made Bagel Pizza
Honey Broiled Nectarines
Minty Lime Watermelon
Pita Pocket Packed with Produce
Sauteed Apple Brat
Sliced Apples...
Shake and no Bake
Sliced Apples and Cinnamon Powder
Snack Cakes, Yogurt & Fruit
To Go; Fruit and Yogurt
Zuccini & Tuna Groove